Life is Gold. C’est ça que j’adore

Dior celebrates its iconic J’adore fragrance, born at the turn of the century, through a new artistic vision by Brigitte Niedermair. The photographer has created dramatic and eye-catching images with bold black and gold themes, where models hold the curved bottle with its gold and glass amphora and tell a story. This bold and stunning new J’adore campaign captures the power of femininity through the image of an original woman.
Messages of emancipation tattooed on the models in golden letters on the wrist or the hollow of the neck, where the perfume is applied. Both poetic and graphic: “life is not black and white” or “life is Gold”.

An authentic statement turned into reality, this new J’adore campaign lights up the sky in Times Square.

Digitalli is proud to have contributed to the creation and complex adaptation of this digital campaign to highlight these images and the iconic bottle, itself a totem and object of desire.